TikTok intends to start investment in Japanese companies to expand business in Japan

It was learned on the 20th that Beijing ByteDance Technology, which operates the short video app “TikTok”, will start investing in Japanese companies. It is planned to deploy talents who specialize in investment business in the Tokyo office in the near future, and expand the Japanese business through capital investment and acquisitions from technology and media-related companies.

TikTok entered Japan in 2017 and joined the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Kidan Federation) and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) in 2020. Although there are no actual results of investment in Japanese companies, the company plans to establish a responsible department and deepen cooperation in the future. The company said it will actively participate in the Japanese market.

Tencent Holdings, one of the Chinese IT giants, invested in Marvelous, a Japanese gaming company listed on the Main Board of the East Stock Exchange in 2020, and in fact took it back under its umbrella. Taking advantage of the east wind of domestic economic development, China’s IT companies have grown significantly.

Affected by the antagonism between the United States and China in trade and high-tech fields, Chinese IT companies are accelerating their business development in countries around the world, including Japan.


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