Promoting traditional culture and integrating Hong Kong youth into life with Hanfu

All media reports: to welcome the Chinese new year, the Olympic city of Hong Kong specially held the “welcome Fuyuan Tour” with the theme of Hanfu. It meticulously built an ancient street scene and new year fair covering an area of 4000 feet, and displayed different styles of Hanfu. Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound, and has a long history. Hanfu is one of the important elements. Hanfu of different times has its own characteristics Dianzai found a group of young people in Hong Kong who love Hanfu on the spot. With the idea of “promoting traditional Chinese culture; setting an example to promote Hanfu into daily life”, they will also wear gorgeous Hanfu to travel on weekdays. Dianzai interviewed two Hanfu lovers to listen to the reasons why they love Hanfu!



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