EU refuses to accept the “sign first, get first” statement of AstraZeneca vaccine

The European Union and British manufacturer AstraZeneca recently had a dispute over the supply of vaccines. The European Union yesterday (27th) sternly demanded that AstraZeneca fulfill its promise of vaccine supply and rejected the saying that AstraZeneca and the UK “sign first, get first”.

EU refuses to accept the EU asks AstraZeneca to fulfill its vaccine supply commitment, and rejects AstraZeneca’s “first sign, first served” claim with the UK. (Xinhua)

Stella kyriakides, the EU Commissioner in charge of health services, said that pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers should bear their moral, social responsibility and contractual spirit. The EU rejected the principle of “first sign, first served” for vaccines.

Soliott, AstraZeneca’s chief executive, said the contract with the UK was three months earlier than that of the European Union, and AstraZeneca was only required to “do its best” rather than have a contractual obligation to provide a certain number of new vaccines.

The European Union said that AstraZeneca originally expected to supply about 80 million doses to 27 European Union countries by the end of March, but later AstraZeneca said that the supply would be reduced by 60% to 31 million doses. This made the European Union and its member states angry and insisted that AstraZeneca should fulfill its supply commitment. Italy and Latvian also said that if AstraZeneca did not fulfill its commitment to supply vaccines on time, it would, They may be sued for breach of contract.

Editor in charge: Pan Ruoshui


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