US media: Iran’s “suicide drone” appears in Yemen

According to the US Newsweek website on January 13, Iran has deployed “suicide drones” in Yemen as the situation in the Red Sea escalates;.

Newsweek learned that Iran is sending lethal drones to its allies in Yemen as tensions across the Red Sea escalate.

According to the photos seen by Newsweek and confirmed by an expert who focuses on Iran’s activities in the region, Iran’s “eyewitness-136” cruise missile, also known as “suicide drone”, has been deployed to the northern province of jaouf in Yemen. The area is controlled by the Shia “followers of Allah.”.

The unnamed expert told Newsweek: ‘Iranians have sent advanced drones to their agents in Yemen. They deploy these drones in advance to attack multiple targets within range. ”

The expert said: “the goal they want to achieve is to evade accountability, that is, to be able to attack targets of the United States, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf or Israel and trace the attackers back to Yemen, which Iran hopes will avoid punishment. ”

According to the report, these latest trends are taking place at a time when activities in the Red Sea region have increased significantly. The chief of general staff of Iran’s armed forces, Mohamed Hussein bageri, revealed on Wednesday that he was ready to send warships to patrol the Red Sea.


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