Police system reform will become Biden’s ruling difficulty

According to the German Daily Mirror website on January 18, can Joe Biden achieve a lot in fighting police violence during his presidency? Civil rights defenders believe that the United States needs to make up for this work after police friendly Donald Trump leaves office. &Alicia Garza, co-founder of the campaign, said in nation weekly that Biden should declare a “state of emergency” in order to carry out police reform smoothly.

More and more people are taking part in demonstrations against racism and police violence, the report said. &”Black people’s lives are also important” has become one of the largest civil rights movements in American history. However, the number of police shootings has not declined. According to the Washington Post, 1000 people in the United States were shot and killed by police in 2020, the same as in previous years. According to statistics, more than twice as many blacks were shot as whites. Last year, the death of George Freud, an African American recorded by video, caused a worldwide shock.

Joe Biden cited the key points of the reform during the election campaign: the government will spend 300 million dollars to strengthen the public work of the police; the close relationship between the police and citizens will prevent the occurrence of violence; the Ministry of justice will more strictly investigate the accusations of police violence, so that the civil rights bill can be complied with; the use of public funds to improve police training.


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