19 Islamic state fighters killed in northern Iraq

Xinhua news agency, Baghdad, January 27 (reporter Zhang Miao) – the Iraqi military said on the 27th that Iraqi security forces and the US led international coalition against the extremist organization “Islamic state” carried out military operations in Kirkuk Province in northern Iraq on the same day, killing 19 armed elements.

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command said in a statement that according to intelligence, the International League sent out planes to carry out air strikes on a “Islamic state” militant hiding place in northern Kirkuk Province on the same day, killing 10 militants.

In addition, Iraqi security forces carried out a clean-up operation in the southern mountainous area of Kirkuk province earlier in the day, killing nine “Islamic state” armed elements, including three leaders.

On June 21, Islamic state (ISIS) fighters made two suicide bombings in the urban area of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing 32 people and injuring 110. After the attack, Iraqi security forces successively carried out operations in Baghdad, Anbar, Kirkuk and other places.

In December 2017, Iraq announced its historic victory against the Islamic state, but there are still remaining extremists in Iraq waiting for an opportunity to launch attacks.


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