Han Defense Minister: COVID-19 is a variable for preparing the joint military drill.

Beijing, January (Xinhua) 28, according to KBS, South Korean Defense Minister Xu Xu said that he was preparing for the joint military drill in the first half of 2021, which is scheduled for early March, but COVID-19 is still a variable.

According to reports, Xu Xu said at the new year’s Ministry of defense reporters’ conference held in the office building of the Ministry of defense that he was making preparations for the South Korea US joint military exercise step by step from the military’s standpoint. Xu Xu said that the joint command post exercise held in the first half of this year is not an actual maneuver exercise, but an annual defense exercise conducted by computer simulation.

Xu Xu also said that COVID-19 is a variable in military exercises, but there are many options, including the division of space into multiple parts or marshalling when operating command post.

On the issue of verification of full operational capability (FOC) aimed at recovering wartime operational command through South Korea US joint military exercise, Xu Xu said that he was conducting close consultation with the US side.

In 2020, the two countries postponed the joint military drill for the first half of March (2020). The joint exercise in the second half of the year (August) also greatly reduced the number of participants. Therefore, the verification of full combat capability of the future joint command will also be affected to a certain extent.


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