US media: us temporarily freezes arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Beijing, January 28 (Xinhua) according to foreign media reports, 27 local time, according to sources, the Biden government of the United States has temporarily frozen arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and is reviewing these transactions.

According to reports, sources told the Wall Street Journal that the Biden administration has decided to review the arms sales approved by former president trump, including the sale of high-precision weapons to Saudi Arabia and F-35 fighter planes to the United Arab Emirates.

U.S. Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln also confirmed that the State Department has suspended some foreign arms sales and is conducting reviews to ensure that these actions “promote its strategic objectives and foreign policy.”. Biden had previously promised that Washington would stop supporting Saudi led military operations in Yemen.

In his speech, brinlin did not indicate which specific agreements were suspended.

Reuters earlier quoted sources as saying that before Biden officially took office as US president on the 20th local time, the UAE and the trump government signed an agreement to purchase 50 F-35 fighters and 18 UAVs.


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