Six men charged with conspiracy to kidnap Michigan governor

Beijing, January 28 (Xinhua) according to foreign media reports, about four months ago, the U.S. police foiled a kidnapping plot against Michigan governor Whitmer, after which six men were charged. On January 27 local time, one of the men pleaded guilty and admitted that they had discussed plans to kidnap Whitmer and plan to destroy a bridge to hinder police rescue operations.

In October 7, 2020, FBI agents and Michigan police took action to arrest 6 suspect who tried to kidnap Whitmer. On December 17, a federal judge charged six people with conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer.

According to reports, on January 27, 2021 local time, the man involved, 25-year-old ty Garbin, pleaded guilty. The report points out that his testimony may strengthen the government’s accusations against others and support the evidence collected by informants and undercover agents.

Gabion appeared in federal court in Grand Rapids, the report said. A few hours ago, a plea agreement with details of the case was submitted, which included his pledge to cooperate fully with the investigators. At present, the relevant parties have not reached an agreement on the scope of gabion’s sentencing, but if he provides assistance to the investigation, it may be helpful to his sentencing.

In the plea agreement, gabion said that in the summer of 2020, he and others received training on weapons in several places, and they “discussed plans to capture the [Michigan] Capitol and kidnap the governor.”. However, the kidnapping site was eventually transferred to the governor’s residence in Antrim.

Gabin said he “advocates waiting until after the [2020] national election, when the conspirators are expected to incite riots and make the [kidnapping] plot easier to succeed.” In addition to gabion, five other men were charged. The next trial is scheduled for March 23, the report said.

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