Putin: the epidemic has increased tensions. It’s like the 1930s before World War II

Putin: the epidemic has increased tensions. It's like the 1930s before World War II

Putin (photo: Getty)

Overseas network, January 28, Russian President Putin participated in the world economic forum’s “Davos agenda” on 27 and delivered a video speech. COVID-19 said it has exacerbated global tensions. Now it is like the 30s before World War II.

According to the reports of CNBC and business insider in the United States, Putin mentioned in his speech that the “pandemic” of the new coronavirus has exacerbated the existing tension in the international community, the world may be involved in the conflict of “everyone against everyone”, that “international institutions are weakening, regional conflicts are intensifying, and the global security system is deteriorating.”

Putin also compared the current situation to the 1920s and 1930s. “In the 20th century, the inability to solve problems led to a disastrous World War II. Of course, such a fierce conflict can not happen today. I hope it is impossible in principle, because (once it happens) it will mean the end of civilization.” (Li Meng, overseas)

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