How is herpes zoster caused? How to cure herpes simplex

How is herpes zoster caused?

Herpes zoster is mainly caused by varicella virus. Herpes zoster has a very obvious infectivity, so many patients with herpes zoster need to be separated from others, otherwise it may cause a large area of chickenpox. And how to form herpes zoster, this problem has always been the focus of attention. In fact, there are many reasons for the formation of herpes zoster, which can be summarized from the following aspects.

The first cause of herpes zoster is infection.

Some people have been in contact with herpes zoster patients or used personal belongings together, so they have been infected with varicella virus. When varicella virus enters the human body, the human body’s immunity will make a certain reaction. If the immunity can’t kill the virus, it will show various symptoms of herpes zoster and become an infected member.

The second possible cause of herpes zoster is endocrine disorders in the body.

Some people have herpes zoster because of too much toxin in the body and endocrine imbalance. Some doctors even directly say that if there is no herpes zoster in everyone’s life, it is not a good thing. Herpes zoster can secrete the toxin in the body, which is a method of systematic detoxification.

The third reason is not paying attention to personal hygiene.

In summer, the weather is quite hot, and many diseases are in high incidence period. At this time, once infected with any bacteria and virus, it may cause serious diseases. The reason why herpes zoster can be caused is also because of the bacteria and virus. Some people do not have the habit of washing their hands before meals, so let these viruses enter people’s body and cause herpes zoster Serious illness.

Herpes zoster is not a very serious disease, people in a herpes zoster, the body has had immunity, it is difficult to relapse again, in the period of suffering from herpes zoster should keep their body clean and sanitary, do not use their hands to scratch the parts of herpes zoster, in order to prevent re infection.


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