Is sperm line C infertile? Is uterus posterior infertile

Is sperm c-line infertility

Infertility caused by low sperm motility accounts for about 30%, which often perplexes many young couples. Studies have shown that low sperm motility is also called asthenospermia, which has a significant correlation with the activity of uPA enzyme in sperm plasma and sperm membrane. There was a linear correlation between uPA activity of sperm membrane and sperm viability. These results suggest that uPA may directly affect sperm motility.

Poor sperm motility has a direct impact on pregnancy. The common causes of asthenospermia are as follows: 1. The seminiferous epithelium of testis is not fully mature or damaged and thinned, resulting in poor sperm quality and weak motility; 2. The amount of semen is small; 3. Seminal plasma variation, such as inflammation of epididymis, seminal vesicle, prostate, etc; 4. The existence of antisperm antibody can make sperm agglutinate and lose the ability of motility. It is suggested to go to a special hospital for further examination to determine the cause and symptomatic treatment.

Mild low sperm motility: generally refers to a + B sperm less than 50%, but more than 30%, or a sperm less than 25%, but more than 10%. Moderate low sperm motility: Grade A + B sperm is less than 50%, but more than 30%, and grade a sperm is less than 10%. Severe low sperm motility: generally refers to the number of grade B + C sperm is less than 30%, and grade a sperm is zero. Finally, infertility experts pointed out that sperm abnormality is one of the main causes of male infertility. With the deterioration of social environment, the quality of sperm is also declining year by year. Therefore, when men have sperm abnormality, they should go to professional hospitals for examination and treatment in time.

Is postposition of uterus infertility

The posterior position of the uterus is that the longitudinal axis of the uterus remains unchanged, and the whole uterus is tilted backward, which makes the cervix prone to be upturned. Postposition of uterus itself will not affect pregnancy, but if accompanied by other basic factors, it may lead to female infertility. The normal position of the uterus can be anterior, median and posterior. According to the clinical examination, the uterus with good activity, no matter what position, will not be the simple cause of infertility. However, the posterior uterus, which is fixed due to peripheral adhesion, is often caused by pelvic inflammation or endometriosis. The lesions often involve the fallopian tube and ovary at the same time, which is a common cause of infertility. In addition, it should also be noted that some posterior uterus with cervical orifice pointing upward will affect the contact between semen and cervical orifice, which is not conducive to the smooth ascent of sperm, and will also cause uterine infertility.

Postposition of uterus is often related to sleeping posture. Postposition of uterus is easy to occur in women after abortion and long-term supine sleep. If you insist on prone position sleep or chest knee lateral position for a long time, you can correct the position of the uterus. This method can completely eliminate the rectal irritation caused by the posterior position of the uterus.


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