How to treat snake gall ulcer what can’t snake gall ulcer eat

How to treat snake gall ulcer

Herpes zoster is caused by varicella zoster virus, which usually lurks in dorsal root neurons of spinal cord. But the body resistance is low or tired, infection, cold, fever, anger, etc., the virus can grow and reproduce again, and move along the nerve fibers to the skin, so that the affected nerve and skin produce intense inflammation. The rash is usually unilateral and distributed according to the ganglion segment, with cluster herpes and pain; the older the patient is, the more severe the neuralgia is. The disease is called herpes zoster in modern medicine, and it is called snake gall sores and Yaolong in folk. As long as the patients with herpes zoster are actively treated and the virus in the body and the virus sensing the peripheral nerve are quickly removed, there will be no sequelae in vitro. On the contrary, it may form sequelae neuralgia.

Herpes zoster sequela refers to the sequela of persistent pain more than one month after clinical cure. Postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) is one of the persistent pain disorders that perplex middle-aged and elderly patients. The duration of pain is as short as 1-2 years, and even more than 10 years in the elderly. The general history of pain is as long as 3-5 years.

Herpes zoster and sequelae belong to severe intractable pain. The clinical manifestations are characterized by hyperalgesia. Slight touch can produce severe and intolerable pain. The pain of patients is often spontaneous lightning like or tearing like pain. The attack often makes the patients sleep and eat uneasily, and most patients are often accompanied by obvious persistent burning pain

Postherpetic neuralgia is caused by the virus eroding and blocking the peripheral nerves in the body. Therefore, the treatment should be based on detoxification and dredging the nerve blocked by the virus. For postherpetic neuralgia, do not use the nerve destructive treatment of Western medicine, such as nerve sealing, cutting off, blocking, freezing, laser irradiation, using analgesic pump, injecting hormone, anesthetic, interferon into the nerve root, This will only cause new iatrogenic diseases and permanent harmful complications numbness, Muscle atrophy, etc. (even this may not relieve the pain of patients), if the nerve is completely destroyed, it can no longer be cured. Treatment suggestions: Traditional Chinese medicine therapy can be used, Baohetang Xuji plaster (special ointment for herpes zoster and sequelae) external application plus Paidu Xiehuo capsule internal administration, Paidu Xiehuo dredge, repair the nerve blocked by the virus can be recovered.

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