Trump’s farewell speech to end his four-year presidency

Trump and his wife Melania bid farewell to the White House on the morning of the 20th, ending their four-year presidency, foreign media said. In his farewell speech on the 19th, he publicized his political heritage and wished the new administration of President elect Biden good luck.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, Washington, January 20, trump told reporters before boarding the “Marine Corps 1” helicopter: “I am very honored. This is the honor of my life. We have experienced four impressive years and achieved a lot. ”

They board the helicopter and arrive at Andrews joint base. Here, trump made a brief speech. He said that the new government is expected to achieve “great success” and that he has laid a good foundation for this during his administration;. He also said: “we will come back in some way. ”

Trump then flew to Florida.

According to another report, a spokesman said trump left a letter to new President Biden before leaving the White House.

In addition, according to Washington, January 20 (Reuters), trump left the presidency in a gloomy atmosphere on January 20, which was entirely his fault. The four-year term that is coming to an end is full of blemishes, including two impeachments, deepening political differences and improper response to the epidemic, resulting in the death of 400000 Americans.

Trump, 74, will bid farewell to the White House hours before President elect Biden takes office, the report said. This will make trump the first outgoing president to miss the inauguration of a new president since Andrew Johnson left office in 1869. This is also the last time he shows his dissatisfaction with the failure of re-election.


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