How is herpes zoster sequela treated? Can herpes zoster touch water

How to treat the sequela of herpes zoster

The general treatment needs to be antiviral, reduce the pain of patients, actively prevent secondary infection, shorten the course of disease. If it is neuralgia, you can give analgesic drugs, do the local skin care, external application of ointment and local physical therapy, herpes zoster in the eye can choose to use hshangjing or acyclovir eye drops, in order to prevent corneal adhesion, you can use atropine to dilate the pupil.

How to do eye herpes zoster 2: antiviral treatment

It is mainly used for patients with immune deficiency and immunosuppression, such as oral antiviral drugs acyclovir and valaciclovir, or topical use of antibacterials and erythromycin ointment.

How does eye herpes zoster do 3

It is easy to spread virus with cytotoxic, immunosuppressive or metabolic antagonists, so patients should try to reduce the dose or discontinue.

How to treat herpes zoster in eyes

Traditional Chinese medicine also has a very good effect in the treatment of herpes zoster, heat clearing and detoxification of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used to treat herpes zoster. Chinese patent medicine is recommended to take Longdan Xiegan pill; patients with spleen deficiency and dampness can take Weiling pill or Shenling Baizhu pill; patients with Qi and blood stasis can take Xuefu Zhuyu pill.

Can herpes zoster touch water

1. If the patient has herpes zoster, it is better not to touch the water, because touching the water is easy to cause infection, which will lead to the trouble of herpes zoster treatment, and will lead to treatment problems, may also affect the condition, there are other situations, so suffering from herpes zoster do not touch the water.

2. Patients with herpes zoster had better not touch too much water, mainly because herpes zoster is caused by the invasion of herpes virus into the nerve, so if you touch water, it is easy to be infected, leading to the severity of herpes zoster, leading to the trouble of treatment.

3. Through the effective method of treatment, because the treatment method is through the fundamental solution, mainly through anti-virus, anti-inflammatory pain, but also to prevent secondary infection, touching water is easy to cause secondary infection, so it is best not to touch water.


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