How to prevent thalassemia is thalassemia contagious

How to prevent thalassemia

1. It is important to carry out population census and genetic counseling, and do a good job of premarital guidance to avoid the marriage between thalassemia gene carriers. Prenatal diagnosis by gene analysis can diagnose the fetus with severe β – and α – thalassemia in the early pregnancy and terminate the pregnancy in time, so as to avoid the occurrence of fetal edema syndrome and the birth of patients with severe β – thalassemia It is an effective way to cure the disease.

2. The appearance and growth of thalassemia patients are the same as normal people.

3. The supplement of vitamin is the same as that of ordinary people. It is given when the doctor thinks it is necessary. Because it is difficult to detect the disease, it is often given iron to replenish blood.

4. Premarital examination: the marriage object should check whether it is thalassemia with cause, if so, pay special attention to prenatal examination.

5. Antenatal examination: if both husband and wife are with cause, the fetus should be taken for physical examination after the 12th week of pregnancy. If the fetus is confirmed as thalassemia major, it can be induced abortion to avoid the burden of care in the future.

Is thalassemia contagious

Thalassemia is not a common anemia. Many people will worry about infecting or being infected with thalassemia, a serious anemia disease. However, this kind of worry is actually unnecessary, because thalassemia is not suitable for an infectious disease, but a genetic disease. Let’s analyze why this disease is not infectious.

We all know that thalassemia is very serious, so many people will worry about infection or being infected. Thalassemia is not infectious, because it is a genetic disease. Thalassemia is caused by the patient’s genetic defect. Heredity is the only cause of the disease, so the disease will only be inherited and will not be infectious. And it’s not contagious.

The first thing we need to understand is that we have two groups of normal hemoglobin genes in our normal cells. One group is from our mother, and the other group is from our father. But one of the parents of a patient with thalassemia carries the thalassemia gene, so that’s why the child has thalassemia. Therefore, thalassemia, a serious blood disease, is only hereditary and not infectious as we are worried about. It’s not an infectious disease.

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