Can menstruation come with a room infertile come aunt to eat ice to be infertile

Will menstruation lead to infertility

The first harm caused by menstrual sex is infertility. But this situation depends on women’s own physique, because menstrual women’s body will be weak, resistance will decline, at this stage, roommates are easy to cause bacterial breeding, infection and inflammation, serious is there will be the possibility of infertility, but some women are OK, at most just menstrual disorders, if you have sex in menstrual period, it is recommended to observe for a period of time Do you have any adverse reactions? If so, treat them in time. However, you must avoid sex during menstruation.

Although in the menstrual period rooming is not pregnant, but the menstrual period is prohibited rooming, because in the menstrual period endometrial wound formation, and each system of immune decline, easy to lead to inflammatory infection, the formation of endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis and other problems.

In addition, when women are sexually excited, uterine contraction may lead to menstrual blood countercurrent to the pelvic cavity, causing endometrial implantation, leading to endometriosis. Endometriosis may affect pregnancy, so we need to avoid rooming during menstruation.

Can aunt eat ice infertility

Women’s constitution belongs to negative, so in normal life, if you want to make yourself more healthy, then the first thing to do is to supplement Yang Qi to the body. Only if Yang Qi is sufficient, then women can be more healthy. But looking at women’s eating habits in their daily life, we will find that some women often eat cool food, and do you know that if they often eat cool food, it will cause heavy cold in women’s body, which will cause palace cold.

Generally speaking, if menstruation is weak, try not to eat cold and spicy stimulating things. If you eat cold or spicy stimulating things, it is easy to cause palace cold and dysmenorrhea. If you have eaten something cool now, you can drink ginger brown sugar water at home, which has the effect of warming menstruation and dispersing cold. Pay attention later.

Irregular menstruation, mainly due to deficiency of Qi and blood caused by endocrine disorders, general drugs are difficult to work together. The long-term clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated a lot of unique secret recipes. It is suggested that you use traditional Chinese medicine which can dissipate meridian stasis, invigorate Qi and nourish blood. It has quick effect and exact curative effect, and many patients will not relapse after cure. These traditional Chinese medicines can be used in combination to achieve both qi and blood, treat both symptoms and signs, quickly improve immunity, thoroughly adjust the balance of yin and Yang, so as to promote the secretion of female hormones, quickly adjust endocrine disorders, activate cells, breast enhancement and body beauty, make skin bright, tender, white, delicate and ruddy, the color of nipples and vulva can also become red and light, and radiate endless charm of women.

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