How does herpes zoster itch to do? How to treat herpes zoster?

What about herpes zoster itch

Herpes zoster patients in the treatment of 1-2 courses, may appear skin itching symptoms, this is because herpes zoster in the treatment process appeared a kind of called “histamine” itching substance, the existence of this substance will stimulate the skin itching intolerable symptoms, but it is this kind of symptom in patients with anti itching drugs or after the itching parts take cold compress can be very effective Quick relief, but often in the efficacy disappeared or after the end of cold compress will re appear itching, this process often lasts 1-2 weeks. Less histamine produced by patients more, there will be strange itching intolerable. Herpes zoster is a skin disease, herpes zoster is very common, got herpes zoster if you can timely treatment and control, then the symptoms of herpes zoster is very easy to treat. But when the treatment is not timely or the effect is not good, there will be sequelae, mainly the symptoms of neuralgia.

According to the current treatment of herpes zoster, many people get herpes zoster actually has the characteristics of Pro nerve, that is, herpes zoster virus likes to lurk in the trigeminal nerve. When people’s physical fitness or resistance decreases, it will lead to the disease of herpes zoster, and many herpes zoster may produce some aftereffects during treatment.

First of all, people with herpes zoster should pay attention to the fact that there are many symptoms of herpes zoster. Different kinds of postherpetic pain caused by herpes zoster have different treatment methods, so the specific time required is also different. There’s no guarantee what’s the fastest way to treat it. Therefore, it is recommended that patients go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

In addition, according to the current treatment of postherpetic pain, the more common is the drug control treatment, the doctor will give patients some pain relief drugs, mainly including MS Contin, hydroxymorphone, oxycodone, etc., patients can take them appropriately.

In addition to some drug treatment, the more serious patients with herpes zoster sequelae, generally speaking, it is recommended to treat the pain of patients through nerve block, but this need to pay attention to is that we must step by step, not too anxious.


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