How does gallstone have a fever after operation do the complication after gallstone operation

How does gallstone have a fever after operation do

Have a fever of gallstones, and the incidence rate of gallstones has improved significantly in recent years, and the incidence of the disease is getting younger. Many gallstones patients will have recurrent fever after surgery. Therefore, families must do good health care work after the operation, so that patients can recover as soon as possible.

Now there are more and more people suffering from gallstones. The emergence of the disease has a direct relationship with people’s usual eating habits. After suffering from gallstones, many patients will choose surgery for treatment. Patients often think that surgery can completely remove the stones. However, patients with gallstones will have a series of reactions after surgery, which need more attention from their families.

A lot of patients have a fever repeatedly after gallstone operation, how to do?

1. Physical cooling

Fever is one of the most common problems after gallstone surgery. If it is only a simple low fever, then the patient needs to drink more water, and then wipe the body with alcohol or cold compress the forehead, wrist, sole and other parts of the patient for physical cooling.

2. Oral antibiotics

If the patient has a recurrent high fever after the operation, it is likely that the patient has infection after the operation. It is necessary to find out the cause of infection in time and use antibiotics for treatment. At the same time, it is also necessary to supplement water and electrolyte to prevent dehydration due to high fever.

3. Increase resistance

The patients who have finished the operation, no matter the size of the operation, will make the body’s immunity decline, and this stage is also prone to fever. Therefore, the family members should pay attention to strengthen the nutrition of the patients and improve the body’s immunity.

Complications after gallstone surgery

Cholelithiasis is easy to be complicated with repeated biliary tract infection. Liver parenchymal damage caused by late stage, such as liver fibrosis, liver atrophy, biliary cirrhosis, portal hypertension and so on, often causes the operation to be carried out under the condition of severe liver function damage or incomplete compensation. The operation itself has to take double risks.

No matter any disease, there is no guarantee that there will be no complications after the operation. Gallstone disease is the same, if the patient’s condition is more serious, the doctor will still recommend surgery for treatment. So what are the complications after gallstone surgery? This is what many friends want to know. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction of experts.


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