Did contraceptive take can infertility, schoolgirl takes painkiller can infertility

Can you be infertile after taking contraceptives

The main component of emergency contraceptives is a large amount of progesterone, which is different from conventional short acting contraceptives, and has certain harm to women. Many women worry about infertility after taking it. Will emergency contraceptives cause infertility? How much does urgent contraceptive take to be able to be infertile?

Emergency contraceptives are taken to keep away from unexpected pregnancy. There are regulations on the dosage. If the dosage exceeds the regulations, it is harmful to the body, such as symptoms in side effects. If women don’t want to feel uncomfortable, it’s better to take less emergency contraceptives and take more safe contraceptive measures to protect their health.

In addition, emergency contraceptives are different from conventional short acting contraceptives. It will affect women’s endocrine, leading to endocrine disorders. The conventional short acting contraceptives can not only effectively contraception, but also prevent breast cancer and other diseases. Once the female endocrine disorders, pregnancy is not conducive.

As for how much emergency contraceptives will cause infertility, there is no specific statement at present. Everyone’s constitution is different, and the influence of drugs is also different. However, we need to remind you that long-term use of emergency contraceptives, the biggest harm is that women’s endometrium can not grow to the normal thickness, if the medication time is long, the probability of amenorrhea is high. Once a woman has amenorrhea, she can’t get pregnant.

Can schoolgirl eat painkiller infertility

It is often said that you can’t take painkillers when you have dysmenorrhea. Often taking painkillers will affect your pregnancy later. Then, will taking painkillers affect your pregnancy later? The situation of dysmenorrhea can be divided into two kinds: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. First of all, let’s understand: can dysmenorrhea take painkillers? In general, primary dysmenorrhea does not need treatment. If the pain is really severe, you can take painkillers under the guidance of the doctor. Primary dysmenorrhea will not affect fertility. Most of them will be relieved or even disappear after marriage and birth. But if it’s secondary dysmenorrhea, you can’t take painkillers casually, which will cover up the essence of dysmenorrhea and aggravate the disease,

Dysmenorrhea is closely related to infertility. According to clinical observation, more than half of infertile patients have dysmenorrhea of different degrees. A large number of clinical data show that 56% of infertility patients have dysmenorrhea, and once dysmenorrhea is eliminated, the patient will be pregnant immediately. This shows that the relationship between dysmenorrhea and infertility is really very close, but also shows that the ancients’ view of “regulating menstruation first, regulating pregnancy by itself” is correct, so women with dysmenorrhea must go to the hospital in time to find out the cause of disease and symptomatic treatment. Gynecological experts said that it is OK to take painkillers when dysmenorrhea, but it is not recommended for women to take painkillers when dysmenorrhea, because many painkillers will cause certain harm to the body. We must make clear the cause and symptomatic treatment, so as not to aggravate the disease and have a certain impact on future pregnancy.


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