Can herpes zoster infect a child? What can’t herpes zoster eat?

Can herpes zoster be transmitted to children

Herpes zoster is a skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus infection, so this disease is contagious. If the child in the family has not had varicella, it is easy to be infected. The child will not suffer from herpes zoster and varicella after being infected. Therefore, parents should pay attention to take preventive measures to avoid close contact between the child and the patient.

Herpes zoster is a relatively common disease, which is caused by virus infection. When there are clusters of blisters in the affected parts, the blisters will appear in a zonal arrangement, and the patients will feel too hot and cold, which is more common in people over 50 years old. Some adults are worried about infecting their parents’ children when they get sick. Let’s see if they will be infected.

First, from the analysis of the cause of herpes zoster, it is a skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus. Children and adults who have not had chickenpox may be infected, so it is possible to infect children. If the patient has close contact with a child who has not had chickenpox, he may be infected with chickenpox, but will not develop herpes zoster. In a word, this disease is infectious to a certain extent, but infected people will have chickenpox. Children are the most vulnerable to infection. If an adult is sick at home, it’s better not to contact the child too much. The patient’s clothes should also be cleaned separately. If the clothes are stained with blister damaged liquid, the child will be infected after contact. Therefore, don’t wash them together with the child’s clothes, and don’t let the child touch the patient’s wound cotton, otherwise they will also be infected.

This is an acute skin infection, which can cause nerve damage and leave serious sequelae. Children with low disease resistance are vulnerable to infection, and are also a threat to adults who have not had chickenpox. If you find that you may be infected, be sure to treat it as soon as possible.

After infection, the first symptoms of low fever and fatigue will appear, followed by skin pain and long red spots, which gradually develop into a swelling rash of millet size, and then become a large blister.

What can’t herpes zoster eat?


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