What symptom does hydronephrosis have? What harm does hydronephrosis have

What symptom does hydronephrosis have

Hydronephrosis is a common urinary system disease. Urinary tract is the main channel for human body to discharge water. If there are problems in urinary system, the electrolyte balance and water balance of human body will also be affected. So in everyday life, people will be very concerned about the health of the urinary tract. Hydronephrosis is caused by obstruction of the junction between the renal pelvis and ureter. * What are the symptoms of hydronephrosis?

1. Low back pain

The location of the kidney in the waist, if there is hydronephrosis, the patient will first feel waist pain, chronic hydronephrosis for dull pain, acute hydronephrosis attack when there will be renal colic.

2. Renal enlargement

Obstruction of renal pelvis in patients with chronic hydronephrosis can cause abdominal mass and renal enlargement. Patients with long onset time can even touch cystic mass in the kidney.

3. Edema

In patients with hydronephrosis, because the urine can not be discharged, the urine will enter into other tissues, so patients with hydronephrosis usually have facial edema, of which eyelid edema is the most obvious.

4. Hematuria

Hydronephrosis patients will also have hematuria symptoms, especially due to stones or tumors caused by patients with renal colic and hematuria at the same time, patients with secondary infection will also have hematuria.

What harm does hydronephrosis have

Many people are not familiar with the principle of its pathogenesis. In fact, this disease refers to * the excretion of urine from human body can not drain smoothly from the urinary system, but rather remains in the renal pelvis, thus forming hydronephrosis. Hydronephrosis has a great impact on the human body. Normally, the normal water circulation system of the human body can ensure the normal operation of the body. What is the harm of hydronephrosis?

1. Urinary tract infection

The urine of patients with hydronephrosis can’t be discharged out of the body normally, which can easily lead to urinary tract infection. When they don’t urinate for a long time, the bacteria at the urethral orifice are also easily infected.

2. Renal atrophy

This is the main harm to the patients with hydronephrosis. When hydronephrosis occurs, the kidney has begun to atrophy. If it is mild hydronephrosis, the renal atrophy can be recovered after treatment, but the severe hydronephrosis is difficult to recover after the removal of obstruction.

3. Kidney stone

Patients with hydronephrosis are prone to urinary tract infection. After the occurrence of urinary tract infection, there will be a lot of bacteria, pus ball and necrotic tissue in the urinary tract of patients. These are the main causes of kidney stones, and the damage of kidney stones to patients will be greater.

4. Giant hydronephrosis

Urine retention in the kidneys of patients with hydronephrosis can result in thinning of the kidneys and larger kidneys. At this time * the disease will develop peritonitis and other serious complications.


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