How does the back ache after gallstone operation return a responsibility can gallstone person eat mutton

How does the back ache after gallstone operation return a responsibility

1. Smooth defecation and promote intestinal peristalsis

Keep the stool unobstructed and eat coarse fiber food properly to increase intestinal peristalsis and dredge the stool. If there is no defecation in 2-3 days, you can take some laxatives, such as Maren Pills, biansaiting, Guodao tablets, etc.

2. Insist on exercise and strengthen one’s physique

Running and morning exercises, such as walking, qigong and Taijiquan, are beneficial to the health but not harmful. On the one hand, it can move the body, circulate Qi and blood, strengthen the physique, and on the other hand, it can avoid sitting and inactivity all day long. But also pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not overwork.

3. Regular life, keep a cheerful mood

Maintain a regular life, daily life often, to ensure adequate sleep, happy mood, optimistic and cheerful, no depression. A good mood can promote the metabolism of human body and improve the ability of disease resistance; depression can easily hurt the liver, make the bile duct tense, affect the secretion and excretion of bile, which is not conducive to postoperative physical recovery.

Can gallstone person eat mutton

Gallstone is a very high incidence rate of stone disease. The disease has seriously affected the health of the patients, and will bring some impact to their normal life and work. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the occurrence of gallstone disease, and cooperate with the doctor’s treatment in time to avoid serious consequences.

Many people around us are attacked by gallstones. The incidence rate of gallstones is very high. If we do not pay attention to diet in daily life, we may be violated by this disease. Therefore, in the face of gallstone disease, we must attach great importance to it and actively do a good job in prevention. Is it possible for people with gallstones to eat mutton?

The occurrence of gallstone disease is mainly related to the fact that patients do not pay attention to diet in their daily life. For example, patients often do not eat breakfast, overeat, drink a lot for a long time and so on may cause the occurrence of gallstone disease. After suffering from gallstone disease, we should take timely treatment. If we do not control diet, it will aggravate gallstone It’s a disease.


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