South Korean media reported that North Korea held a military parade late at night

According to Seoul, Yonhap reported on January 11, South Korea’s joint staff headquarters said on January 11 that South Korea’s military found signs that North Korea held a military parade in Kim Il Sung Square on the night of the 10th, and South Korea’s U.S. military authorities are paying close attention to North Korea’s movements.

The report said that although the military did not disclose the specific time, it believed that the parade on January 10 was probably not a rehearsal, but a formal gift to the Eighth National Congress of the labor party.

The report pointed out that, in view of the fact that North Korea also made an exception to hold a military parade late at night on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Labor Party in October 2020 and disclosed new strategic weapons, the military parade may be similar in form to the Party Building Day parade in 2020.

Seoul sources said covid-19 military is considering the scale of the parade has narrowed due to new crowns, the ongoing military exercises in winter and cold weather.


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