Xi Jinping sends a message of condolence to President Lopez of Mexico

President Xi Jinping sent a message of condolence to President Lopez of Mexico, who was diagnosed with the new coronavirus, and wished him an early recovery.

A few days ago, President Xi Jinping called Mexican President Lopez to express his sympathy for his infection with the new coronavirus, Xinhua News Agency reported on the 28th.

In the message, Xi Jinping said that I would like to express my sympathy to you on learning that Mr. President is infected with the new coronavirus and wish you an early recovery. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China and Mexico have been keeping watch and helping each other to fight the epidemic hand in hand. The Chinese government and the Chinese people firmly support the Mexican government and the Mexican people in fighting the epidemic. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. President and the Mexican government, Mexico will be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible Epidemic situation.

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