How is alcoholic liver disease caused? How is alcoholic liver disease diagnosed

How is alcoholic liver disease caused

1、 Drinking factors: drinking is the main cause of alcoholic fatty liver. Alcohol has a strong toxicity to hepatocytes, 95% of the metabolic function of alcohol, protein, fat, thus reducing the detoxification ability of the liver, leading to alcoholic fatty liver.

Alcoholic cirrhosis accounts for 50-90% of all cirrhosis. Long term alcoholics also affect fat metabolism, can cause fatty liver. Alcohol can cause liver cell degeneration, necrosis, fibrous tissue hyperplasia and cirrhosis.

2、 Gender factors: the prevalence of silent poisoning in men is 3-4 times higher than that in women. Robins et al. Reported that the prevalence of alcohol addiction was 19% – 29% in men and 4% – 5% in women. Alcoholism is the most prevalent mental disorder in men aged 24-64, but among women over 24, alcoholism is not the top four mental disorders. Women are more sensitive to alcohol than men, and their safe drinking dose (140g / week) is lower than men (210g / week). Women are more likely to suffer from acute and chronic alcohol-related diseases than men. They are more susceptible to alcoholic liver disease than men, and are prone to relapse after treatment.

3、 Genetic factors: alcoholics with a family history of alcoholism started drinking earlier, and the proportion of alcoholism was higher than those without a family history of alcoholism.

4、 Nutritional factors: experiments show that the effect of nutrition on alcoholic liver disease is related to species. In patients with decompensated liver disease, if their calories are supplemented with alcohol and they are given a nutritious diet at the same time, the liver disease can gradually improve. However, if the protein content in the diet is low, the liver function of these patients will not improve after abstinence. The hepatotoxic effects of malnutrition and alcohol may play a synergistic role, but the effect of alcohol is greater. Under the condition of adequate nutrition, a certain range of alcohol consumption will not cause liver damage, but beyond the critical value of alcoholism, dietary regulation has no protective effect.

How is alcoholic liver disease diagnosed

It’s true to say that “drinking hurts the liver”. If you drink a lot for a long time, the liver can’t stand it. If you protest, it will lead to alcoholic liver disease. Of course, this word is very broad and has different degrees. How is the diagnosis of alcoholic liver disease?


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