Foreign media’s attention: the Eighth National Congress of the Korean labor party comes to an end

According to the DPRK Central News Agency report from Pyongyang on January 13, the Eighth Congress of the Korean workers’ party successfully concluded the discussion on the relevant agenda, which ended at sunset on January 12. Comrade Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Korean labor party, made a programmatic conclusion on the Eighth Congress of the party.

Jin Zhengen pointed out that at the Eighth Congress in the history of our party, he proposed and seriously discussed the current struggle plan to open a new high tide period of revolution and construction, a period of great change, and a series of major issues to strengthen the development of the party.

Jin Zhengen put forward the basic ideas and spirit of the Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and emphasized that the whole party should once again remember and adhere to the three concepts of “people for the heaven”, “unity with one heart” and “self-reliance”.

Kim said he believed that with the high fighting capacity and cohesion, high patriotic enthusiasm and perseverance of all Party organizations and Party members, all the people and officers and soldiers, the struggle strategies and guidelines put forward by the Congress will be put into place. We have made epoch-making progress in the construction of Korean style socialism and declared the Eighth Congress of the Korean workers’ party closed.

According to the website of South Korea’s “Central Daily” on January 13, the Korean workers’ party closed on January 12, and the meeting lasted for eight days.

The report said that on the seventh day of the meeting, various departments held an agreement meeting to study the draft resolution.

According to the analysis, the process of North Korea’s adoption of this resolution is so complex and the division of procedures is so detailed, which means that North Korea is carefully designing a new national strategic direction. Moreover, it also shows that North Korea intends to use this party congress to realize systematic operation of state affairs.


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