What are the causes of nasal polyps? What are the symptoms of nasal polyps

Causes of nasal polyps

Nasal polyp is a kind of mass that grows on the nasal cavity or sinus mucosa, also known as nasal hemorrhoids, nasal polyps, nasal polyps, etc. Nasal polyps often occur in the lateral wall of the nasal cavity and the top of the nose, which is often caused by allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Nasal polyps are mainly manifested as one or more vegetations in the nasal cavity, with smooth surface, light white or light red color, soft and painless touch. Nasal polyps are often accompanied by persistent nasal congestion, hypoolfaction, increased nasal discharge, headache, dizziness and other symptoms.

Chronic infection: in the process of infectious inflammation, the release of bacterial toxins and inflammatory mediators can cause mucosal edema, and can produce repeated infectious inflammatory reaction, mucosal edema and further aggravate, and finally promote the formation of polyps.

Cold stuffy nose: nasal polyps are usually caused by cold stuffy nose is not treated, stuffy nose for a long time on the nasal polyps, sinusitis, a cold will lead to stuffy nose.

Dietary reasons: usually people who prefer spicy, barbecue, stimulating, greasy and other foods are more likely to suffer from this disease, because these foods can easily lead to our fire phenomenon, nose and throat are naturally affected.

Allergic reaction: because allergic reaction occurs in the nose for many times, under the action of histamine, leukotriene and other chemical media, the permeability of small blood vessels in the nasal mucosa increases, and the plasma exudation increases, which makes the nasal mucosa extremely edematous and gradually droop under the influence of gravity, resulting in the formation of polyps.

Personal hygiene: usually do not pay attention to the hygiene of the nose, such as often living in some bad environment, and do not clean the nose in time, dust will accumulate in our nose, thus inducing the production of nasal polyps.

Genetic factors: nasal polyps have some recessive heredity, which is mainly related to familial allergy.

Physical factors: poor resistance, or patients with young syndrome, aspirin intolerance, ciliary dysfunction and other symptoms, such factors may lead to nasal cavity easily invaded by bacteria, making nasal mucosa inflammation.


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