British army builds first UAV team

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 27 (Xinhua) Reference News published an article on the website of the times on the 27th: “30 million pounds agreement to build the first unmanned aircraft team in the UK.”. The article is summarized as follows

The UK Department of defense has invested 30 million pounds (about $41.21 million) to develop the first UAV team in Northern Ireland. The UAV will be designed to fly at high speed simultaneously with fighters such as typhoon or F-35.

The UK Department of defense plans to start manufacturing the first “light and cheap new combat aircraft” in 2025. It will be equipped with missile, reconnaissance and electronic warfare technology, and will become the first UK unmanned combat aircraft capable of targeting and shooting down enemy aircraft and resisting surface to air missiles.

The UAV will be able to detect and evade the enemy’s air defense system, even in the case of cyber attacks, but also sustainable mission.

Richard Bosson, head of future air operations at the UK Department of defense, said automated drones created an opportunity. Now and in the future, it can expand, rapidly enhance and diversify the combat air force in a cost-effective way.

“We are taking a revolutionary approach to consider a transformative mix of UAVs and drones,” said Mike Wigston, chief of staff of the British air force

By supporting British Airways, the mod wants to maintain autonomy over its military equipment rather than relying on US defense companies.


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