Fudge says wearing a double mask may be more effective

On January 25 local time, fudge, a top infectious disease expert in the United States, suggested that wearing a double-layer mask can more effectively fight the new coronavirus. However, some medical experts in the United States said that the effectiveness of the double mask is uncertain.

According to Fox News, Fudge said in an interview, “if you’ve already worn a layer of mask, you can add another layer on it. According to common sense, it may be more effective. ”

However, American scientists have different opinions on Fudge’s proposal. Infectious disease experts from Stanford Health Care Center, Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins University recently told Fox News that there is little evidence on this issue.

Neysa Ernst, head nurse at Johns Hopkins University’s biological isolation ward, agrees that there is no scientific basis for this, but points out that there is evidence that adding more isolation can make some people feel psychologically safe. Ernst emphasized the importance of psychological security, which makes people in an unknown environment feel that the situation is controllable.

Paula cannon, Professor of molecular microbiology and immunology at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of medicine, previously said in an email that masks made of the right material usually provide adequate protection if worn correctly. However, she also affirmed the extra protective effect of the double mask. She added that the second mask can form a tighter seal around the face and also help protect the mask from slipping.

Another physician, Dave Hnida, had previously told CBS that the two masks would create more obstacles for virus particles, preventing them from passing through the air and into the lungs.


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