How does old people have gallstone to do? How does filling gallstone return a responsibility

How to deal with gallstones in the elderly

We do not recommend surgical treatment for the elderly with gallstones in their 80s, because their physical condition is not very good. Although gallstone surgery is not a big operation, there are still some risks. Old people’s gallstones can be treated conservatively. Many methods can relieve the symptoms of gallstones and eliminate gallstones.

Gallstones are very common, there are many treatments, surgical treatment is a treatment that many people will choose. For the elderly over 80 years old, surgical treatment of gallstones will have some risks and induce complications, so we do not recommend surgical treatment of gallstones for the elderly. No surgical treatment, with what method of treatment? Today Xiaobian will introduce several treatment methods of gallstones in 80 years old people.

1. TCM Treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of gallstones is related to the liver and gallbladder. Eating too much, overeating and so on will damage the spleen and stomach, causing damp heat and phlegm heat in the body. Eating too much fat food will also cause damp heat in the body, which will lead to gallstones. Traditional Chinese medicine is suitable for the treatment of removing blood stasis with pure Chinese medicine, which can relieve the inflammation of the body and make the stones disappear. This method has little side effects and patients don’t feel pain. It is a good choice for the elderly.

2. Litholytic therapy

Oral chenodeoxycholic acid has the possibility of dissolving gallstones in the gallbladder, but this kind of drug has great side effects on the liver. People with abnormal liver function, long-term diarrhea and poor health should carefully choose this treatment method.

3. Lithotripsy

In addition to surgical treatment, lithotripsy is also a popular method for the treatment of gallstones. It uses shock wave lithotriptor to treat the body with shock wave. It smashes gallstones and then expels them out of the body. This method is only suitable for gallstones less than 2 cm and less than 3 in number. After lithotripsy, gallstones may fall into the cystic duct, causing incarceration.

How does filling gallstone return a responsibility

For full gallstones, it is more harmful, and it is necessary to choose surgery for cholecystectomy. In daily life, it is also necessary to pay attention to light and easy to digest food. Avoid excessive greasy diet, otherwise it is easy to appear acute suppurative cholecystitis or even local obstruction and acute attack or aggravate the local pain, severe symptoms are easy to cause liver atrophy, even gallbladder atrophy, etc., specific need to combine with clinical.


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