What do you eat for bad breath? Can you smell it

What to eat for bad breath

Halitosis can be treated, so don’t worry too much. Dietotherapy is a good way. You can chew more gum when you have nothing to do. In this way, you can dilute halitosis. But what’s good for halitosis? Let’s get to know.

Dyspepsia, fatigue or heat of heart, lung and large intestine may cause halitosis. The principle of treatment is to remove heat of lung and stomach and moisten dry intestines. In addition, patients with halitosis can usually drink black tea and coffee, and can also accept heat clearing and moistening dryness to avoid deodorization. White tongue, stress, is the performance of stomach heat, abdominal distension is mostly due to qi stagnation. It is generally considered to be “angry”. This condition usually leads to unpleasant odor in the mouth, even bad breath.

Usually drink a lot of warm water, to ensure sleep does not stay up late, eat more, eat more fruits and vegetables, do not eat fried barbecue spicy food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bad breath is mostly related to hepatobiliary fire, hepatobiliary, stomach damp heat, dyspepsia, oral cavity and gingivitis. And should adjust from the diet, eat spicy food, avoid greasy, avoid drinking, avoid seafood, taboo and hair, keep defecation unobstructed, keep a good mood.

Can you smell bad breath

Suffering from bad breath, can you know? I think most people probably don’t know it. They can only know it through the reminders of people around them. But don’t be afraid of treatment. It’s not a big deal. It’s the most important thing to receive treatment. Can you smell bad breath?

Most halitosis shows poor oral hygiene or oral diseases, such as stomatitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, oral ulcer and dental caries. In addition, digestive system diseases can also cause halitosis, such as gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer. The suggestion is to find out the cause of bad breath, most of which are caused by oral diseases. In general, it may be gingivitis, and dental caries and calculus may be relatively large. In general, ultrasonic tooth cleaning will improve significantly.

Good oral hygiene is still the most important. Brush twice a day and clean your teeth. If you have dentures, you must rest at night and clean your teeth before going to bed. Eliminating bad breath is very effective. Saliva is necessary to wash away food debris and bacteria. Certain drugs, such as high blood pressure, psychiatric drugs or certain diseases, may also cause dry mouth, occasionally infect the nasal or respiratory tract, and may also cause halitosis.

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