Fijian police overseas Chinese public security exchange forum held

Xinhua news agency, January 16 (reporter Zhang Yongxing) the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, together with the Fijian police department and the Fijian Chinese community, held a forum on the exchange of police and overseas Chinese on public security in Suva on January 15. Wang Xuguang, counsellor of the embassy, attended and spoke on behalf of ambassador Qian Bo. More than 80 people attended the meeting, including deputy director general of Fijian police, Mr. tudelau, senior officials of Fijian police, director of Fijian Chinese aid center, Mr. Zhao Fugang, volunteers of the embassy and representatives of overseas Chinese community.

Fijian police overseas Chinese public security exchange forum held

Government counsellor Wang Xuguang (front row, middle) and acting police chief of Fijian (front left) took a group photo with the guests. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yongxing

Wang Xuguang said in his speech that the Chinese government adheres to the people-centered ruling concept and attaches great importance to safeguarding the security and legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese and institutions. The overseas Chinese and Chinese funded institutions have played an important role as bridges and ties in the exchanges and cooperation between China and Finland in various fields. It is hoped that the Philippine police will crack down on crimes against overseas Chinese and take practical measures to strengthen the protection of overseas Chinese. Chinese traditional festival Spring Festival is coming. Overseas Chinese in Philippines should take targeted security measures and actively use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The embassy will continue to strengthen cooperation with Fijian police, create more favorable conditions for promoting police overseas Chinese cooperation, and resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

At the exchange meeting, acting police chief officer of Fiji, tudelau, said that China is a sincere friend of Fiji, and the Fijian government highly recognizes the contribution of overseas Chinese to the economic and social development of Fiji, and it is the duty of Fijian police to protect their safety and interests. The Fijian police will take the opportunity of the police overseas Chinese public security exchange forum to widely listen to and respond to the concerns of overseas Chinese, take effective measures to crack down on crimes against overseas Chinese, actively promote the handling of relevant cases and give timely feedback to the parties concerned.

Zhao Fugang, director of the Fijian Chinese aid center, said that now the Spring Festival is approaching, he hopes to further strengthen the communication between the Chinese community and Fijian police with the help of the forum, so as to create an increasingly good environment for the development of overseas Chinese in Fijian. He also hopes that everyone can have a happy and peaceful Chinese Spring Festival.

Fijian police officials responded seriously to the questions raised by the overseas Chinese and exchanged views with the parties concerned after the meeting to explore solutions. The representatives of overseas Chinese at the meeting expressed their heartfelt thanks to the embassy for holding the symposium before the Spring Festival. They believed that this will further promote the Fijian police to pay attention to the demands of overseas Chinese and expressed their willingness to continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with the embassy and Fijian police to jointly safeguard their own security and legitimate rights and interests.

[correction] [editor in charge: Liu Xin, Liu Zhongling]


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