After gallstone operation how long can eat beef gallstone operation how long can eat chafing dish

How long can I eat beef after cholelithiasis operation

Beef itself has high protein content, low fat and delicious taste, so it has the reputation of pride in meat. However, cholelithiasis patients are generally advised to enter a low-fat, low cholesterol diet. Fat meat, fried food, fatty dried fruit. It is necessary to strictly control the foods such as semen, egg yolk, animal brain, liver, kidney and fish roe.

Therefore, after gallstone surgery, it is not recommended that patients eat beef. For the sake of their own health, I hope patients still need to avoid.

According to the diagnosis and treatment experience of the center for many years, the gallstones less than 2cm can be completely cured through the treatment of symptomatic stone dissolving and removing drugs. Drug treatment of gallstones can avoid the pain of surgical treatment, reduce the recurrence rate, and improve the patient’s physique, most patients are willing to use drug treatment.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that gallstone formation is related to gallbladder and liver. Bile is attached to the liver, bile and liver gas are activated and the spleen and stomach absorb food essence, which has the function of excreting turbid substance. Due to improper diet, or overeating, damage to the spleen and stomach, spleen loss of health, water is not wet, accumulation of dampness into phlegm, phlegm mixed endogenous, hinder the Qi, qi stagnation, bile laxation disorder, depression for a long time to heat fire, phlegm dampness heat, dampness heat combined with phlegm, phlegm heat combined with dampness heat, dampness heat accumulated stones for a long time into gallstones.

How long can gallstone operation eat chafing dish

1. Can gallstone eat chafing dish after operation

You can’t eat hot pot after gallstone surgery. First of all, it is because the high concentration of PRINS in hot pot soup becomes uric acid after a series of digestion and decomposition, which will lead to gallstones or aggravate the disease. In addition, when eating hot pot, most people like to put vegetables into the pot, but some vegetables can’t be cooked together, such as tofu and spinach, which may induce gallstones.

Drinking beer while eating hot pot can promote the distribution of uric acid in human joints or soft tissues, leading to gout, kidney stones, uremia and other complications. People who eat hot pot like to put vegetables into the pot to cook, but they don’t know that some vegetables can’t be cooked together, such as tofu and spinach, which is easy to grow stones.


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