Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles issues “Spring Festival package” to international students and overseas Chinese

Xinhua news agency, Los Angeles, January 27 (reporter Gaoshan) – the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles held an online distribution ceremony of “Spring Festival bags” on January 27 to send love and holiday greetings to overseas Chinese and students in the United States. Dozens of representatives of overseas Chinese and foreign students attended the online distribution ceremony.

Zhang Ping, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, said in his speech that the Chinese people are always concerned about the health and safety of overseas Chinese and students. At present, the US COVID-19 is still grim. Many people can not return to China for the Spring Festival this Spring Festival. I hope this special gift, the Spring Festival pack with epidemic prevention materials, will send everyone a love and send a blessing and health to everyone.

Li Hongyu, a graduate student at the University of California at riverside, said in his speech that the sudden epidemic had greatly changed the students’ study and life. At that time, the Consulate General quickly issued the “health package” to help the students. He said that because of the epidemic, this year we can only spend the Spring Festival overseas by ourselves, but the “Spring Festival package” once again makes students who are thousands of miles away from home feel the warmth of “relatives are around” at this most precious reunion moment for Chinese people.

In his speech, Lu Qiang, honorary chairman of the Federation of Chinese communities in Southern California, introduced the difficulties encountered by overseas Chinese in the epidemic situation. He said that the motherland is the strongest backing of overseas Chinese, and provides them with “timely rain” like care and help at the critical moment of the epidemic.

According to reports, the “Spring Festival bags” issued by the Consulate General in Los Angeles include masks, disinfectants, greeting cards, Chinese knots, and letters of condolence to overseas Chinese and students. They will be sent to overseas Chinese and some overseas Chinese who stay in the Consulate General’s area by mail through major overseas Chinese groups and student associations.

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