Can anaemia cause vomiting? Is severe anaemia serious

Can anemia cause vomiting?

We all know the symptoms of anemia in our life, but we seldom know that anemia can lead to vomiting. In fact, this kind of symptom exists. Because anemia means that our body is lack of nutrients, it will lead to some problems in the digestive system, causing vomiting is very likely. Therefore, when patients find that they have anemia, they should seize the time to treat and supplement more nutrition for the body.

Nowadays, people’s living standard is getting higher and higher, and they eat better and better. Many people can’t believe that they have anemia. In fact, partial diet or over nutrition can lead to anemia, while long-term anemia can lead to vomiting. Therefore, in daily life, we must not ignore anemia, long-term anemia is not good for the body.

Anemia vomiting is that patients with anemia in the case of vomiting, if not gastrointestinal problems, then the vast majority of cases are caused by anemia. Anemia is mostly caused by malnutrition, long-term malnutrition is easy to lead to digestive system problems, leading to loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea and other symptoms. So, in this case, anemia leads to vomiting.

So what should we do with anemia and vomiting? First of all, we know that anemia causes vomiting because of long-term malnutrition, which leads to the digestive system problems of patients. So if we want to solve anemia and vomiting, we must solve the problem of malnutrition. Therefore, anemia patients in daily life must pay attention to balanced nutrition intake, must not diet, eat more vegetables and fruits. Of course, more exercise is also conducive to reducing anemia.

In fact, the principle of anemia vomiting is very simple. First of all, we should understand that the cause of anemia is that the body intake of nutrition is not balanced, or long-term malnutrition. It’s easy to have problems when the body is in a state of malnutrition for a long time, especially in the digestive system. Once there are problems in the digestive system, vomiting may occur.

Is severe anemia serious

1. General performance: fatigue, fatigue is the most common symptoms of anemia, anemia serious part of the patients can also appear low fever.

2. Cardiovascular system: palpitation and shortness of breath are the most common after activities. Some patients with severe anemia may also have angina pectoris and heart failure. There may be mild fear sound during examination, lower limb swelling and ECG changes.

3. Nervous system: headache, dizziness, dizziness, tinnitus, inattention, insomnia or syncope, severe anemia can appear blurred consciousness or dementia and other symptoms, anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency is often accompanied by limb grinding, sensory disorders, etc.

4. Digestive system: loss of appetite, abdominal distension and nausea are common. Patients with hemolytic anemia may have jaundice and splenomegaly.

5. Genitourinary system: kidney function is reduced, patients often have polyuria, decreased proportion of urine, decreased sexual desire, female patients often have irregular menstruation, excessive or reduced.

6. Others: dry skin, dry hair, less luster.


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