Follow the example of China and Britain to push for compulsory Hotel isolation

(Ta Kung Pao comprehensive report) the new crown variant virus is spreading wildly all over the world. British Prime Minister Johnson announced that British residents entering from 30 high-risk countries and regions need to be isolated in hotels for 10 days. British media reports pointed out that hotel isolation first started in the mainland of China, and then Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions began to use similar policies one after another to realize “import prevention” However, critics believe that the mutant virus may have lurked in many countries and need to be fully quarantined to see the effect.

Follow the example of China and Britain to push for compulsory Hotel isolation, Heathrow airport, UK, was packed with passengers waiting for immigration inspection on May 22. (Reuters)

Recently, the British government has listed 22 countries and regions known or likely to have the variant virus in Brazil, South Africa and Portugal on the “Red List” to prohibit visitors from the above regions from entering the UK. However, British citizens, Irish citizens and persons with the right of abode in the UK are still allowed to enter the UK and must be self quarantined for 10 days. Prime Minister Johnson announced in a question by members of Parliament on the 27th, In order to further reduce the risk of the mutant virus entering the UK, British residents from 30 high-risk areas have to isolate for 10 days at their own expense in hotels and other facilities designated by the government. There is no exemption.

British media details China’s isolation measures

Details of the quarantine will be announced next week. It is not known when the quarantine will take effect and how long it will last. According to the official statement, immigration personnel will be sent directly to the quarantine hotel at the airport. Each person will have to pay for the quarantine fee out of his own pocket at a cost of about 1500 pounds (about HK $15800). During the quarantine period, they will also be tested for the virus several times. The Department of health and social security will be responsible for the operation and co-ordination of the relevant matters as soon as possible Isolate the hotel.

According to the daily mail, Sky News and other British media reports, many countries have already started compulsory isolation and epidemic prevention in hotels. It was first implemented in the mainland of China. It was implemented in Australia at the end of March, and then it was popularized in New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and other countries and regions. Sky TV compared the measures taken by various countries and pointed out that according to the practice of the mainland of China, the “import of foreign defense” has been effective, After arriving at the airport, passengers are required to fill in various forms, take their temperature and take the new coronavirus test. Then they are sent to the designated hotel. They are not allowed to choose their own hotel. The isolators are required to take their temperature every day and receive two virus tests on the 7th and 14th days.

However, unlike China’s full quarantine, the Johnson administration only tightened restrictions on entry to 30 high-risk countries. Critics pointed out that the UK had learned from China but had not learned the whole set. They were worried that there would be “fish in the net”. The Welsh government also believed that the restrictions were far from enough and would implement more stringent restrictions on its own. University College London’s professor of overall planning, Mr. Pagal, said frankly that the measures were “enough to harm the economy” In addition, there are more than 300000 British people living or working in 30 high-risk countries, and some members are worried that the “back to the UK tide” may be triggered before the measures take effect.

Johnson’s surprise visit to Scotland

In addition, Scotland’s recent second referendum on independence is gaining momentum. Johnson suddenly visited Scotland on the 28th. He went to a hospital in Glasgow and a vaccine center under construction to cheer up the soldiers. He is ready to make a speech calling on the United Kingdom to fight against the epidemic. However, Scotland’s chief minister Shi Yaqing criticized Johnson’s visit on the 27th, questioning the reason for the visit No. 10 Downing Street said it was very important for the prime minister to visit all parts of the UK during the epidemic period to meet the people on the front line of anti epidemic work.

The UK has the highest number of deaths from new crown pneumonia in Europe, ranking fifth in the world. As of 26, the total number of deaths exceeded 100000, and 1725 more died on 27. The World Health Organization said on 27 that the more infectious variant B.1.7, first found in Kent, has spread to 70 countries, 10 more than last week.

Another study found that the spread speed of P.1 variant virus found in Manaus, capital of Amazon state, Brazil is amazing. Institutions such as Imperial College London and Sao Paulo University found that 35 (52%) of 67 patients were infected with the variant virus from December 15 to 31 last year, while 85% of 48 patients from January 1 to 9 were infected with P.1 strain, with a growth rate of 33% in just two weeks, which is worrying.

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