About 25 million doses of vaccine in 35 European countries

On January 28 local time, Hans Kruger, director of the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization, held an online news conference in Copenhagen, saying that on the one hand, vaccines bring great hope; on the other hand, the new variant strains of coronavirus bring greater uncertainty and risk.

He said that 35 countries in Europe have started vaccination, with a total of about 25 million doses. However, the emergence of a more worrying variant of the new coronavirus has increased the pressure on the vaccination task. The demand for vaccine development, production and fair distribution has not been met as quickly as expected.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in more than 100 million cases, but 1/3 of the new crown pneumonia cases are confirmed in Europe, Hans said.

Hans said that in the face of new and more infectious variant strains of coronavirus, people need to remain vigilant and patient, and insist on taking necessary epidemic prevention measures, so that the health system will not be defeated by waves of more infectious viruses. (head office reporter Hao Xiaoli)


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