China Europe train (Wuhan) runs for 3 days to deliver spring festival goods to Europe

Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, January 28 (reporter Wang Xian) – the x8015 train with more than 500 tons of electronic products, daily necessities and livelihood products from Wuhan left Wujiashan station on the morning of 28 and is expected to arrive in Lodz, Poland during the Spring Festival.

According to reports, from the 28th to the 30th, Wuhan will set off a daily China Europe train to Poland and other places to deliver new year’s goods to overseas Chinese and foreign students and share the “year of China”.

According to the relevant personnel of Wuchang South Locomotive Depot and Xiangyang locomotive depot who are responsible for shunting operation and train traction, during the Spring Festival transportation, the locomotive depot specially dispatched elite soldiers to set up a special class to be responsible for the shunting operation and traction transportation of China Europe trains. The driver on duty works 12 hours in advance to check the cargo, tonnage and other data with the station staff to ensure the safety of export commodity transportation.

It is reported that the railway departments should strengthen epidemic prevention and control while doing a good job in cargo transportation. By focusing on the implementation of the three measures of detection, disinfection and protection, strictly implementing the inspection system of customs clearance documents for imported cold chain food transportation, and strengthening the health monitoring of cold chain food transportation and port station personnel, the transportation safety can be ensured.


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