Within a week, two US destroyers sailed into the Black Sea frequently, which worried Russia

Beijing, January 29 (Xinhua) comprehensive report, the defense management center of the Russian Ministry of Defense said that the US Navy equipped with cruise missiles “Porter” destroyer entered the Black Sea on the 28th, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet monitored it. This is the second US destroyer to enter the waters in a week.

“The Black Sea fleet has begun tracking the US Navy’s cruise missile equipped Destroyer” Porter “that entered the Black Sea waters at 17:00 on January 28, 2021,” the center said

Earlier, the Russian Defense Management Center said that on January 23, the US destroyer “Donald cook” entered the Black Sea, and the Russian Black Sea fleet will pay close attention to its movements.

Russian Vice Foreign Minister ryabukov has previously said that Russia is worried about the US increasing the frequency of reconnaissance activities in the Black Sea.

“Moscow is very concerned about the increased frequency of US reconnaissance activities in the Black Sea and surrounding areas, which is creating a potentially dangerous situation,” riabkov said


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