When McCarthy visited, trump promised to help Republicans regain control of the house of Representatives next year

Former US President trump met with Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the house of Representatives, in Florida on the 28th, and promised to help the Republican Party win back the house of representatives in the 2022 congressional election.

According to Capitol Hill, Trump’s “save America” Political Action Committee (PAC) issued a statement on the meeting, saying that President trump agreed to work with McCarthy to help the Republican party become the majority party in the house of Representatives. The statement also said the meeting was “very good and very cordial.”. According to statistics, the democratic party currently occupies 221 seats in the house of Representatives, while the Republican party occupies 211 seats.

According to CNN, McCarthy’s visit to trump comes at a time of turmoil within the Republican Party. Trump will face a second impeachment in early February after being accused of “inciting” the January 6 riots in Congress. Earlier this month, McCarthy did not vote for Trump’s impeachment, but he did not actively urge Republican members to oppose it. In the end, 10 Republican Representatives voted to impeach trump.

But after the meeting, McCarthy made it clear that he opposed the impeachment of trump and called for unity within the party. “The Democrats have put forward an agenda to split us [the Republican Party],” McCarthy said in a statement. For example, impeachment of a former president who is now an ordinary citizen, and destruction of blue collar jobs in the energy industry. For the sake of our country, we have to stop the Democratic radical agenda. “

In addition, politico, the US political news website, quoted people familiar with the situation on the 28th as saying that the US Republican National Committee (RNC) plans to invite trump to the spring donors’ meeting.


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