How does gallstone burst ache to do often grow gallstone is how to return a responsibility

How to deal with gallstone sudden pain

Patients with gallstones suddenly pain should choose appropriate treatment according to the actual situation. If the pain and other symptoms are the first attack, they need to be treated and observed by conservative methods. Patients with repeated attacks or patients with gallbladder perforation or gallstone pancreatitis need to be operated on in time.

There are many patients with gallstones in peacetime without any symptoms, but some patients with gallstones in the gallbladder can cause bile duct obstruction, resulting in a variety of discomfort symptoms, including right upper abdominal pain and spasm, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, dark urine color, dark skin color, etc. So, how should gallstone ache suddenly to do?

1. If the symptoms such as gallstone pain only occur once, the patients need to be treated by conservative methods, and stay in bed for observation to see if the disease will attack again, and then decide the treatment plan according to the actual situation. It is generally believed that patients with recurrent disease or patients with gallbladder perforation or gallstone pancreatitis need timely cholecystectomy.

2. When gallstones suddenly hurt, there are many conservative treatment methods, such as hot compress is a common method. Patients can directly use hot water towel or hot water bag dipped in hot water to apply hot compress in the pain area when they have a pain attack, which can relax blood vessels, relieve bile duct spasm symptoms, so as to have a certain effect of relieving pain.

3. Gallstone patients with very serious pain symptoms should be strictly in bed rest, can be treated under the guidance of a doctor!

How is often long gallstone to return a responsibility

1. Drug treatment: cholelithiasis always pain can be alleviated and treated by drugs first. There are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine used to treat cholelithiasis in clinic, so patients can rest assured to use them under the guidance of professional doctors. It should be mentioned that although the analgesic effect of Western medicine is good, it must not be used for a long time, otherwise it may cause other complications. Under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine, it is best to use traditional Chinese medicine with the function of dissolving stone, eliminating stone and conditioning constitution, which not only has no side effects, but also has a very good therapeutic effect.


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