How to return a responsibility repeatedly hypoglycemia hunger sex hypoglycemia how to do

How to return a responsibility repeatedly hypoglycemia

1、 Eat less and eat more

Hypoglycemia patients had better eat less and more meals, about 6-8 meals a day is appropriate. Eating a small amount of snacks and snacks before going to bed can also help. In addition, we should also alternate the types of food to avoid eating a certain kind of food often.

2、 Balanced diet

The diet should be balanced and contain at least 50% – 60% of carbohydrates (the same dietary principle as diabetics), including vegetables, brown rice, avocado, konjac, seeds, nuts, Cereals, lean meat, fish, yoghurt and raw cheese.

3、 The following foods should be restricted

The intake of monosaccharides should be strictly limited, and refined and processed products, white flour, soda, wine, salt, etc. should be avoided as much as possible. Avoid eating high sugar fruits and juice, and eat less macaroni, noodles, gravy, white rice, cornflakes, sweet potatoes, etc.

4、 Increase high fiber diet

A high fiber diet helps stabilize blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar drops, the high fiber food and protein food can be taken together to quickly increase the blood sugar concentration.

How does hunger hypoglycemia do

The so-called hunger hypoglycemia refers to a physiological phenomenon when people are over hungry. The medical explanation is that when people’s blood sugar is below 2.8 ml, brain skills will be short circuited. If in fact, the treatment is not life-threatening. So hunger diabetes is not a disease. So it’s not as difficult to treat as hypoglycemia, it’s still very simple to treat.

First of all, it was confirmed that hunger hypoglycemia was not a disease. The first thing we need to do is to raise the blood sugar level. At this time, we have to work hard on diet.

How does hunger hypoglycemia do

Moreover, the habit of daily work and rest should be done well. Hunger hypoglycemia is not just caused by hunger. Also because of the lack of sleep caused by mental stress. This can also cause hunger hypoglycemia.

Finally, the most important diet. Three meals must be eaten regularly and quantitatively. You can’t starve yourself. The body is the capital of revolution. So if you want to study or work well, you must not starve yourself.

1. Eat less and eat more. Try to eat something every three hours.

2. Maintain the diversity of food, including meat, aquatic products, rice, white flour, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. A certain amount of carbohydrate should be taken in every meal.

3. Avoid eating only sugary foods on an empty stomach.

4. Avoid excessive drinking, excessive drinking must eat less, and alcohol decomposition also consumes energy.

In order to prevent the emergence of hunger diabetes, if you do physical examination found that they have symptoms of hypoglycemia, take some biscuits around. Or with vitamin sugar. If you feel dizzy, take it out immediately. And sit down and have a rest, and you’ll be fine after a while.


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