US calls to stop some arms sales to Taiwan authorities panic scholar: Biden’s Taiwan related policy is more measurable

US calls to stop some arms sales to Taiwan authorities panic scholar: Biden's Taiwan related policy is more measurable

The US Biden administration has suspended some arms sales to foreign countries, which has aroused great concern from Taiwan. Although the Taiwan authorities claimed that “Taiwan is not listed in the relevant list of the United States and its arms purchase will not be affected”, it was against practice that the trump administration announced arms sales to Taiwan before leaving office. Whether the relevant arms sales cases are still effective has aroused doubts from the outside world. Scholars on both sides of the Taiwan Strait say that “caretaker governments” generally do not make major moves in diplomatic, military and other sensitive areas, but the trump administration continues to heat up “U.S. – Taiwan Relations” before leaving office, which is unconventional. It is not surprising that the new Biden administration re examines its predecessor’s decisions.

According to foreign reports, in the two and a half months from the US presidential election on November 3 last year to Biden’s inauguration on January 20 this year, the then trump Administration approved 14 arms sales, with a total value of about $26.3 billion. The trump government announced the sale of four MQ-9 UAVs to Taiwan on the day of last November’s general election. After losing the election, the trump government announced the sale of land area communication system to Taiwan.

Washington’s six arms sales to Taiwan last year

Looking back on the last arms sale to Taiwan before the Obama administration leaves office, in order to show respect for the president, it was handed over to the new administration for decision. However, the trump administration announced four arms sales to Taiwan before the general election in November, one more on the day of the general election and one more before leaving office. Six arms sales to Taiwan were announced last year.

Professor Zhang Wensheng, vice president of Taiwan Research Institute of Xiamen University, told Ta Kung Pao that after Biden took office, some subtle changes began to appear in the US Taiwan Strait policy. This is also reflected in arms sales to Taiwan. Therefore, it is reasonable for Biden to re-examine and review arms sales to Taiwan after he takes office.

Wang Yunfei, a military expert, said that the trump administration’s $26.3 billion foreign arms sales during its last term were obviously suspected of pleasing the military industrial groups with whom he had a good relationship. After the Biden administration came to power, of course, it was necessary to inspect the trump administration’s arms sales projects in the final period and sort out the US arms sales projects to Taiwan. In fact, the focus was not on the amount of arms sales, but on the amount of arms sales The adjustment of its policy.

Wang Yunfei believes that the Biden administration’s arms sales to Taiwan will be more prudent than the trump administration’s. it is expected that the total amount of Biden administration’s arms sales to Taiwan in its first term will not exceed the total amount of Trump’s arms sales to Taiwan in four years. Although the Biden administration will continue to sell weapons to the Taiwan authorities, the types will be adjusted to increase defensive weapons and reduce offensive weapons.

Wang Yunfei believes that the Biden administration’s &ldquo, the containment of China’s &rdquo policy will not change, and that the strategy of strengthening military presence in China will not change. However, the policy of Taiwan Strait will increase predictability and policy coordination, and will not excessively stimulate Chinese mainland on some technical issues, but “ Taiwan’s &rdquo will be made. It’s impossible to change the strategy, it’s just different methods.

In Wang Yunfei’s view, the mainland has never made a commitment to renounce the use of force. Once it goes beyond the three red lines of the anti secession law, the mainland will never be soft handed. &The “Taiwan independence” elements and external forces must abandon unrealistic illusions.


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