Chelizi explodes “epidemic disaster” and its price is unsalable

Chelizi explodes

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Fang Xueming reported novel coronavirus pneumonia is excusable and the public is afraid of being infected by the virus. The mainland has suddenly reported that the imported crown cherry virus has been detected by the new crown pneumonia virus, which immediately triggered a sharp drop in the mainland’s car sales. News spread to Hong Kong a few days ago. A reporter from Ta Kung Pao visited many markets yesterday. Many people said that they would not buy chelizi for fear of pneumonia.

According to stall peddlers, from the day before yesterday, the sales situation of chelizi has not been ideal, and even if the price is split, no one will pay attention to it. Experts say that as long as the fruit is cleaned with flowing water before eating, there is no risk of infection.

The supermarket sells 20 yuan per pound

Some netizens pointed out that there were 20 to 30 people queuing outside a supermarket in Yuen Long the other night to buy a new unpacked cheriki with only 20 yuan per pound. Although the price was attractive, many netizens left a message saying that they would not eat a given cheriki, fearing that there was a new coronavirus in cheriki.

A reporter from Ta Kung Pao yesterday observed the sales situation of chelizi in many markets. Most fruit stalls in the Yuen Long Bridge market sell chelizi and list the places of origin, such as Tasmania in Australia, Chile and Argentina. Among them, the price from Chile is the lowest, with an average of 30-40 yuan per pound. The most expensive is Australia, with an average of 138-168 yuan per pound. However, when the reporter stayed at different fruit stalls for 15 minutes, he found that there were not many people buying cherries. In most of the 15 minutes, only one or two people bought cherries. Even if the “split price” of the stall owners is 20% to 30% of the sales promotion, there will be less customers.

“ novel coronavirus pneumonia is not available to me. I have heard that there are some new crown pneumonia cases in the mainland. I know that there are problems with Che Lai who will not flow into Hongkong, so they are not able to eat. &”Buy it at the bridge market in Yuen Long


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