Political crisis triggered by epidemic: Prime Minister resigns

Political crisis triggered by epidemic: Prime Minister resigns

Photo: Conte officially resigned on the 26th, but is still expected to form a new government. /Reuters

[Ta Kung Pao] according to The Associated Press, COVID-19 has triggered a political crisis in Italy. On the 26th local time, Italian Prime Minister konte submitted his resignation to President matarella. However, matarella did not accept his resignation and still asked the government of Conte to continue to perform its duties. Matarela will consult with the leaders of various political parties from the 27th to try to form a new government. If this fails, an early election will be held.

The vitality Party led by former Italian Prime Minister Renzi withdrew from the ruling coalition on the 13th. Three cabinet members of the vitality party immediately announced their resignation, making the ruling coalition led by Conte lose the majority of seats in Parliament. Although the ruling coalition won the house and Senate vote of confidence on the 19th, it has not yet won a majority in the Senate. Conter had to resign to bet on the formation of a new government. The term of office of this government should have ended in March 2023.

Renzi claimed that he withdrew from the alliance in order to express his dissatisfaction with the current government’s epidemic prevention and control measures and the allocation plan of EU aid and recovery funds.

As of the 26th, Italy had nearly 2.5 million confirmed cases, which is still one of the hardest hit areas in Europe. Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, and AstraZeneca, a British pharmaceutical company, successively announced to suspend the supply of vaccines to the European Union, delaying the vaccination work in Italy.

Matarella has three options: let Conte form a new government; appoint a technocrat to form a new government; dissolve parliament and hold an early election. According to US media analysis, behind him are the support of the Democratic Party and the five-star Movement Party of the ruling coalition, with the support rate of more than 50% in the public opinion polls. There is a great hope for the formation of a new government.

As an early election may bring the right to power, matarella may try to avoid this option.


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