Disputes over the new agricultural law

Disputes over the new agricultural law

Photo: demonstrating farmers demolish police roadblocks on the 26th. /Associated Press

From the 1970s to the end of the 1980s, India carried out the “green revolution” to vigorously develop agriculture. The authorities promised to purchase agricultural products at a fixed agreement price to promote farmers’ productivity.

However, in September last year, the modi government introduced three new agricultural bills, namely, the 2020 agricultural products trade and Commerce Act, the 2020 farmers’ price guarantee agreement and Agricultural Services Act, and the 2020 basic commodities Amendment Act, which changed the original acquisition system and allowed farmers to sell agricultural products directly to buyers or other states. The government believes that the reform can bring more opportunities and income to farmers.

Farmers generally believe that the new law will damage the livelihood of farmers and only benefit those big enterprises that are naturally monopolized. In the case of oversupply, the price of agricultural products will be depressed, and the exploitation of farmers will be more serious. Since the end of November last year, protests against the new agricultural law have erupted in all parts of India. Although the court decided to suspend the three new laws on the 12th of this month, the protestors did not buy the bill and demanded the complete abolition of the law.

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