Johnson takes full responsibility for over 100000 deaths in Britain

Johnson takes full responsibility for over 100000 deaths in Britain

Photo: Johnson apologized to more than 100000 people who died on the 26th. /Associated Press

Kung Pao novel coronavirus pneumonia: the Reuters and Agence France-Presse reported that the 26 day of the New Zealand crown pneumonia death reached 100 thousand, and became the first country in Europe to kill 100 thousand and fifth in the world. British Prime Minister Johnson said at the epidemic conference that he is deeply sorry for every life lost; as prime minister, he is fully responsible for this.

On the 26th, 1631 new deaths occurred in the UK, with a cumulative death toll of more than 100000. Johnson said it was difficult to calculate the sadness behind the data and he was fully responsible for it. But he stressed that the government did make every effort.

On the 27th, in order to prevent the invasion of the mutant virus, Johnson announced that all British citizens entering from high-risk countries such as South Africa must be isolated at their own expense in hotels and other places designated by the government for 10 days. Previously, foreign visitors from these countries have been banned from entering the UK.

Meanwhile, the anti blockade demonstration in the Netherlands has lasted for three nights. The protestors smashed, robbed and burned in the streets, and clashed with the police. Ten police officers were injured in the riots in Rotterdam. On the 26th, more police were deployed to patrol the streets, and shops were closed earlier. As of the 27th, more than 200 people have been arrested for curfew violations, vandalism, looting and other charges.


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