U.S. media: In-fighting in the Republican Party, Trump wants to establish a new party “Patriot Party”

US President Trump is about to end his term, and at the same time he is also caught in an internal struggle within the Republican Party. American media reported that Trump discussed the possibility of forming a new party with his confidants and aides, and he wanted to name this party the “Patriot Party.”
According to a report from the Wall Street Journal on January 19, Trump had discussed the establishment of a new party, the “Patriot Party,” with his confidants and aides last week. It is not clear how serious the outgoing Trump is about this matter.
“Capitol Hill” reported that people are increasingly doubting whether Trump will run for president again in 2024. If he runs again, he may exclude other Republican candidates who have a chance to be elected from the contenders. However, in the United States, traditionally there will not be a third party with sufficient strength to challenge the Democratic and Republican parties. Republican leaders may strongly oppose Trump’s efforts, because it is tantamount to Trump taking the votes of other Republican candidates.
Trump has a large number of followers, some of whom were not actively involved in Republican political activities before he entered the White House. After the riots on Capitol Hill, Trump’s relationship with some Republican leaders deteriorated. US Senate Republican leader McConnell publicly accused Trump of inciting supporters to attack the Capitol.


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