Biden calls Putin to point out Russia’s intervention in US election

Biden calls Putin to point out Russia's intervention in US election

When Biden called Putin for the first time, he went straight in. Agence France Presse

The two sides agreed to renew the arms control treaty

After taking office, US President Biden talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone for the first time the day before yesterday, and both sides agreed to extend the new strategic arms reduction treaty as soon as possible However, Biden also changed the attitude of former president trump, showed a tough stance towards Russia during the call, and mentioned to Putin such issues as the poisoning of Russian opposition leader navani and Russia’s alleged intervention in the 2020 US general election. The Kremlin issued a statement, pointing out that Putin supports the normalization of us Russian relations, which is in the interests of the two countries and the international community.

The new strategic arms reduction treaty, which limits the United States and Russia to a maximum of 1550 nuclear warheads, is the only existing arms control treaty between the United States and Russia. However, the treaty is about to expire on February 5. Biden has indicated his intention to extend the Treaty for five years. A White House spokesman said the day before yesterday that Biden and Putin agreed to “work as soon as possible” and complete negotiations to extend the treaty. The Kremlin also said that they are “satisfied” with the progress of the negotiations and have exchanged diplomatic documents.

Or five years before next Friday

If the United States wants to extend the term of the treaty, it does not need the consent of Congress, but Russia needs the confirmation of members of Congress. Putin submitted a bill to the State Duma (lower house) to extend the treaty the day before yesterday. The State Duma voted yesterday and all 399 members unanimously supported the extension of the Treaty for five years. State Department sources revealed that the two countries have reached a consensus and will reach an agreement before February 5. In addition, Biden and Putin also discussed strengthening cooperation to fight COVID-19.

Although the two leaders reached a consensus on extending the arms control treaty, Biden confronted Putin on many other issues. According to a White House spokesman, Biden expressed concern about the Russian government’s treatment of the opposition, including the incident of “navarni was poisoned” and the way Russian law enforcement officers treated peaceful protestors. In addition, Biden also mentioned the issues of Ukraine and Crimea and expressed his firm support for Ukraine’s sovereignty;.

White House: show your defense of national interests

Biden also mentioned Russia’s suspected intervention in the 2020 US general election, cyber attack on solar winds, and reports that Afghanistan offered a reward to kill us troops. The White House explained that Biden’s purpose was to show that the United States would take strong action to respond to Russia’s malicious acts and defend its national interests.

In the statement, the Kremlin described Putin and Biden as having a “pragmatic and candid” dialogue, saying that Putin congratulated Biden on winning the election. However, the statement did not mention a number of issues raised by Biden to Putin. It only said that in view of the special responsibility of the United States and Russia to maintain global security and stability, Putin believed that the normalization of us Russian relations is in the interests of the two countries and the international community.


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